Welcome to design4soul, graphic design studio!

We develop fresh, innovative designs with focus on Christian campaigns, especially those dealing with pro-life message. Our aim is communicate with wide audience regardless of its religious belief.

Use our selected artworks for free!

Are you a pro life activist with a great drive and ideas but not quite sure how to visually communicate with your target audience? We are frequently updating our portfolio with new creations and whats more, we are offering them for free! If you would like to use any of our selected artworks (see ‘free artwork’ section in our portfolio) please contact us and we will send you the high-resolution file for free!

Commission us!

We have a fast growing portfolio of projects that helped to communicate a christian message in England and overseas! With our graphic design, illustrating and photography skills we can create unique and professional flyers, banners, logos, websites, posters, T-shirts and much more.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and price quote.

Would you like to see even more?

If you like to see even more samples of our design work, please visit online portfolio of our graphic designer Livia Halmkan.